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          About SJB

          Suzhou Jincheng Bearing Co., Ltd., was founded in 1992 as one of the first private needle roller bearing manufacturers to emerge from the then nascent market economy.

          Product Center

          On the R&D front, since 2014, SJB has obtained 42 patents from CNIPA, 10 of which are invention patents. All of these, accompanied by the recent completion of a fourth heat-treatment production line, has enabled SJB to reach a manufacturing capacity of 80 million bearings a year.

          About Us
          SJB Company Introduction
          Customer & User
          Awards & Certificates
          Brief History
          Technical Support
          Introduction to Needle Roller Bearings
          SJB Main Products
          Manufacturing Site
          Product Ranges
          Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearing
          Drawn Cup Roller Clutch
          Thrust Needle Roller Bearing
          Machined Needle Roller Bearing
          Needle Roller and Cage Assembly
          Cylindrical Roller Bearing
          Track Roller Bearing
          Contact Us
          Contact Us
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